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Have been to Brighton Naturist Beach on many occasions, not the best one in the uk I must say. The pebbly beach, ever tried walking naked and barefoot on pebbles? Not the most attractive sight I can tell you. Croc shoes are a must. The other thing about Brighton naturist beach is, it is overlooked from the public footpath, Ideal if you are an exhibitionist, but for the average naturist it is not ideal.


Studland nudist beach on the Isle of Purbeck to me is probably the best beach England, I say England because I have heard of a nudist beach in north wales, near barmouth which is said to be the best naturist beach in the United Kingdom. I have not been yet but will comment when I do.
Studland naturist beach is a short ferry ride from Sandbanks in Bournemouth. Then when you've parked your car, it's a good 20 minutes walk, whether you walk along the beach, from where you get off the ferry, or as I prefer, drive a couple of miles down the road and through the national trust gates. It is a lovely place, the sand dunes are good for protection from the wind and the sea is actually quite warm, beautiful sand that you sink into. Just don't forget any thing as it is a long walk back to the car and the coffee shop is a good walk also, you'll have to wear something as the naturist bit stops after a while, not quite sure where, but if you start getting funny looks, then put your bottoms on

I was surprised to find when I went up to Blackpool a few weeks ago that they don't have a beach for nudists. Which I find strange as there is a popular naturist club there, but can't for the life of me remember the name. If anyone or the club in question knows the name then email me and I will add a link.

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