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When we practice Swedish Massage we use long, flowing strokes.  There are five basic strokes in Swedish Massage the first, that comes to mind is petrissage, this  is a kneading movement, a bit like making bread. Another is tapotement , a tapping, hacking, cupping kind of movement. The most common and maybe the most used  is effleurage, a sliding kind of movement.  Then there’s the friction movement , maybe a bit like giving someone a Chinese burn, but not as rough and lastly a shaking, vibration kind of movement.

naturist massage swedish movements

Swedish massage is practiced by
Antonio, who is also practiced in Indian head massage, Antonio also is experienced in Acupressure , and Reflexology.

Swedish Massage is for men, women, and also couples

Because Swedish massage is a deep tissue massage, before the actual hands on from the therapist, the massage therapist will ask you questions on your general overall condition, any medical issues you may have and then adjust your treatment accordingly. This also applies to Aromatherapy massage, actually even more so as essential oils have to be prepared to treat your ailments. 

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