Couples massage. Perfect way to enjoy time together
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Couples Massage

Spending quality time with your loved one

It is time for you and your partner to come an enjoy a nude massage session together

In our hectic world today it is so easy to forget about the closeness in relationships, too busy chasing deadlines, work orders....when was the last time you and your partner spent quality time together?

Exploring each other...the feel good that you had when you were courting, the early days of living together, enjoying each other? We all want for love and need to be loved, wanted. It is so easy to slip onto routines...Isn't it time to spoilt each other?

What are the benefits of a couples massage?

Touch can be so powerful, it can slow the heart rate, speed it up, can be very calming, relaxing, therapeutic, sensual and uplifting, that's why its sometimes called the healing power of touch. Some believe that positive thoughts can help us heal ourselves. Knowing how to touch can make the receiver, your partner have positive thoughts and feelings, and how make your partner feel good is so important in a relationship.

The massage therapist as the catalyst

We provide a massage service for couples to massage each other, The masseur acts as the catalyst for one of a better word.  Just spending an hour together being caressed stroked by each other, will have a dramatic effect on your relationship.

You can also book the massage with  both the masseur and the masseuse, in which case you are massaged separately. But you can talk about the experience when you get home, how each of you enjoyed it...and who knows...
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