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Foot Massage - Reflexology


Cleanses the body of toxins/impurities

The body has its own purifying and cleansing system in the form of the lymphatic, excretory, lymph nodes, kidney colon and the skin. If they become blocked or function improperly, toxins and waste matter build up. By deepening relaxation reflexology causes all the systems of the body to function more efficiently including the eliminatory systems.

Improves circulation

It is important for blood to flow freely through the body as it carries oxygen and nutrients to all the cells that make up the tissues of the body and remove waste products of metabolism and other toxic waste.

During this process the blood vessels contract and relax and their strength is most important for correct functioning. The result of stress and tension is the tightening of the cardiovascular system and restricted blood flow. Circulation becomes sluggish. Reflexology helps reduce stress and tension and therefore allows the miles of cardiovascular vessels to conduct the flow of blood naturally.

Balances the whole system

Homeostasis means being in a state of dynamic balance. There are thousands of parts and areas that make up the body and for the human body to function at its best they must all work together. If one part is over or under active other parts will suffer. Therefore a regular tune-up is needed to keep the body and all its parts working in harmony.
Revitalises energy
We all experience our own energy in different ways and at different levels. It can be either calming and restful or exciting and invigorating. It will circulate consciously and unconsciously throughout the body on a mental, physical and emotional level. The energy of the spirit is very important to our overall well being as physical or mental energy. Reflexology relaxes and opens the energy pathways, revitalises the body and supplies it with energy at all levels.
Reduces stress and induces deep relaxation
When we are sluggish and tired) we never perform to the best of our ability. Reflexology will restore mental alertness and improve the attention span. When the tension is reduced and a calming of the mind induced, we tend to have our best thoughts and ideas and are able to work for longer periods of time with more efficiency to complete tasks. The quiet time and pick me up effect of a reflexology treatment in the middle of the day or late in the afternoon, can send you back to work with renewed vigour.
Stimulates creativity and productivity
There are now a number of health threatening dangers in our environment, stress, fatigue, chemical additives in food, polluted water supplies, radioactivity and poor air quality etc. There is also an added strain on our immune systems and this is an indication that we must relax and unwind, as the immune system will function at its best when a person has worked his way through the stressful situations of the daily life. It is only when the body is well balanced the person is in good shape to ward off any illness and it relies on other bodily processes to maintain the lines of defence.
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