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At our naturist massage services here in St Albans we normally take bookings on the day. Call us an hour before to book your naturist massage session and to see which therapist, masseuse, is on that day.
Our opening hours are 11:00 till 19:00 Monday to Friday and a flexible Saturday (call on the day)

And if you book a massage here in St Albans then you are welcome to use our sauna and/or Jacuzzi (hot tub) in Royston free of charge. Mention the free sauna and/or Jacuzzi when you've had your full body naturist massage

The naturist full body massages are practiced nude, if you would prefer us to be clothed during your treatment please mention that when we take your booking.

Before your treatment, you will be taken into the massage room, where a shower is available, a shower before the massage is welcomed by most of our clients, as you can come over straight from work. Fresh towels are provided. A shower is available after your naturist massage also.

Some people do ask "Will the female massage therapist be naked as well?" yes, you and the female masseuse will be naked...totally nude, not a stitch on...both you, and the masseuse will be in your birthday suits...the only thing the therapist will be wearing is a smile...and I'm sure most of you will too.
Tuition sessions:

The tuition service is usually with the female therapist who is on that day and Antonio. These sessions are for an hour plus. This session usually starts with either the masseuse or myself getting on the massage table and then either Antonio or the masseuse will show you some simple massage movements. I massage couples and the feedback is 90% how their partner massages and, its not usually positive feedback. These naturist tuition massage sessions will hopefully give you some insight into how to give good massage to your partner. You also get to practice on both the masseuse/masseur on the massage table and after a period we swap over. After you have massaged the nude practitioners, the masseur and masseuse will then massage you in the same way as the double massage.
If you wish to come along with your partner then try our:

Massage for couples
This is very popular...Antonio will be more than happy to book you and your partner in and show you techniques, which are aimed at couples.
Click the link to get more information. Or call Antonio directly on 07973 616 706

Informal massage workshops / tuition available Saturdays.
These will be held at The Workshop There are llimited places
We do not offer body to body massage.

Antonio offers Reflexology  and Aromatherapy
click on the links for more information about Aromatherapy Reflexology and essential oils

Full body relaxing Massage with two of us:

The naturist full body massage with the masseur and the masseuse, or with two masseuses (this will be if Grace is available) This service is very popular, the sensation of two therapists massaging you is in most cases out of this world...your mind will find it difficult to follow...don't...just let your mind wander...and feel the magical touch....caressing those aching muscles. Let yourself go

Four handed naturist massage is usually with the masseuse who is on that day and either Antonio or Grace these sessions are for 1/2 an hour 3/4 of an hour or if you just want to slide off the massage table after, then try the full hour.

There are over a hundred and fifty different therapies in the they all work, are they good or bad for us? I am compiling a section on this website for different treatments for the multitude of ailments some of us suffer from...some of these treatments work...others, well it could be said they are psychosomatic?..maybe...but in essence if the end result is achieved then, the treatment has in effect worked...I will be compiling a list of the most common conditions and placing a treatment or treatments  that are know to have beneficial effects...I will also include essential oils that can have a calming THerapeutic effect....

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