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Massage is the manipulation of muscle, friction on tissue, and takes many styles and is used in many different ways, injury, sports, Swedish, lomi lomi, ayurvedic, deep tissue..etc the list is endless...massage also has we believe certain 'healing' properties through simple human touch

As a smile from someone, even a stranger has such a positive effect on us, so touch also plays such an important part in our spiritual growth

In our naturist, naked massage experience we believe we take the concept of massage to a higher level, by both the masseur and client being naked, not only will the client will feel more at ease with there own nakedness, but without the restriction of underwear and towels etc the massage experience has more natural flow,  as you relax with the touch of the therapist, you should feel more tuned in, this will leave your mind to reach a euphoric state....which will heighten the therapist's touch on your body.

With your body and mind being totally connected you should be able reach a higher spiritual plateau. Naturism or the act of being nude in massage does not constitute a style of massage, unlike terms like tantra, Swedish, erotic, sensual which are styles/types of massage movements, naturism in massage is just being naked, if you do experience a higher plane it is because of the touch from the masseur/masseuse

Workshops on touch and how it plays such an important part in our lives will be available in Royston.

Naturist Massage 2012