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Telephone: 01727 811 234         Mobile: 07973 478 578


our female massage therapists are all fully trained masseuses

There is only one massage therapist on each day. So please call on the day to see which masseuse isnaturist masseuse danielle 2 working. When you arrive for your massage you will be taken into the massage room, there is a large massage table, about six inches (150mm) longer than a standard massage table and about 30 inches (750mm) wide. This will help you to relax further as no bits will be hanging off the ends of the table. (unless you're over 6' 6")
naturist massage danielle You have the option of a shower before and after your massage. The masseuse will leave you to get undressed and get yourself on the massage table. Towels and shower gel are near the shower cubicle. There is a WC with a wash basin next to the massage room. Music will be on in the room, if you prefer silence then please tell the masseuse. naturist masseuse gemma 2

The therapist will give you a few minutes to get yourself ready, then she will join you in the room. naturist massage graceThe time of the massage is from when the masseuse starts to massage you not from when you enter the room.
We have a Gaggia coffee machine, so if fancy an espresso or a latte, then mention this to the therapist, if your preference is tea, then we have white tea (very high in antioxidants), green tea, peppermint and normal tea, also sugar or honey for your drink. And we also have filtered water on tap! Please do ask.

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