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About me

I qualified as an Aromatherapist, which includes using essential oils in Massage and also incorporating Acupressure, in 1994. The principals also include Oriental Medicine. In 2000 I studied Reflexology.

Of all the therapies I practice, Reflexology has impressed me the most, on several occasions it has amazed me in the accuracy of this treatment which as some of you know goes back thousands of years.

In Aromatherapy the oils play a big part in the treatment not only in the properties of the essential oils but, in the way the scent of the essential oil affects out brain, our thoughts, certain oils can take us back to a time in our lives, as a certain oil does to me. The first time I  smelt Neroli or Orange blossom as it is also known it took me back to my village in Italy and I wasn't the only one a French masseuse on the course with me had the same experience, only with the masseuse the essential oil reminded her of her town in France otherwise we'd be looking at regression or reincarnation, a subject of interest for another time...

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